What are the Ways of Embracing the Lifestyle of Wellness?

When it comes to celebrating an event, one always thinks of partying and booze. But when it comes to Global Wellness Day, it needs to be perceived differently. Most of the people will prefer to party that day, getting themselves lost in some buzz, but you can take a different path by not making it a huge gesture. You can embrace the path of wellness, instead of partying. No matter how many friends you have, how much money you have, eventually it all roots down to your self-awareness and wellness. This is how you do it.

  1. Go to a spa

If you are looking forward to making the most of the wellness techniques, visit spa sur la rive-sud. Consider these factors when choosing one.

  1. Seek a spa that has nice views and a sturdy sustainability policy.
  2. The lunches they offer should be great. Prefer the highly nutritious ones rather than the low calorie options.
  3. Ensure that the spa center has a calming aromatherapy massage or facial. Also, add meditation session to your spa day as well.
  4. Ensure that the spa center as a swim and a bubble in the Jacuzzi.
  5. You can also take a loved one in the spa.
  6. Or take along a spiritually nourishing read along with you.

  1. Slow down

Stress and anxiety are considered major health ailments, so always take deep breaths and fill your lungs until your stomach is sticking out to its max and then breathe out slowly. Leave your house at least 10 minutes early every day to get to work. Also, prefer taking a walk in the fresh air quite often. Avoid the rush. Pay attention and be present to what is in front of you. Avoid multitasking or scrolling your phone endlessly and pay complete attention to what you can see, what music you listen to or the food you are consuming. Remind yourself to stop and notice every sense.

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes daily

Yes, we know that you lead a busy life, but a mere 10 minute meditation on a daily basis can hurt nobody. Find a serene place to sit or park. You can also use your garden or a park that is not too busy and get comfy by all means. Now, set a soft chime timer on your phone. Close your eyes and notice many sounds around you. Segregate these sounds and focus on them at one time. Notice your breath. Follow it from your nose, then down to your throat and back at the lungs again. Notice your breath quality. To help you focus, count the breaths. If your mind loses focus, gently bring your focus back to your rhythmic breathing. When your meditation is over, notice how you feel.

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